About FedReady

 The Company

FedReady LLC was formed in January, 2003. The company’s main focus is on helping  companies comply with the various regulations and policies related to use of illegal drugs and misuse of alcohol in the workplace, primarily through effective online training.

The company is owned by Norman L. Bailis who has over 35 years experience in engineering, executive management and consulting in the aerospace industry. Since the inception of the FAA Antidrug Program in 1989, he has been an FAA Antidrug Program Manager for a large Part 145 Repair Station, and has provided consulting and training services on FAA, NASA, DoD, FMCSA and Company Drug Free Workplace Programs to many companies. Clients include many Fortune 500 Companies, airlines, Part 145 Certificated FAA Repair Stations, consortiums/third party administrators and others.

 Our Services

FedReady provides both pro-active and reactive services including; compliance and inspection readiness audits, solution implementation, and management services. You can also contact us when you receive notice of an upcoming inspection, or other event and we will help you determine how to proceed.

Compliance and Inspection Readiness Audit
An audit of your overall program is conducted which identifies areas where improvement is needed. At the same time the process provides an interactive learning experience for the Drug and Alcohol Program Manager/Designated Employer Representative (DER) to begin to improve his/her confidence in handling a real inspection.

Audit protocols are organized into five processes that guide the company to effective sustainable solutions in the following areas:

  • Employment of Safety-Sensitive Employees
  • Drug and Alcohol Training and Informational Material
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Managing Compliance of Service Agents
  • Documentation

Deliverables include a senior management out-briefing at the conclusion of the on-site audit. A written report follows that contains the regulatory reference, specific wording of each requirement, and the findings/recommendations for each audit question or issue.

Any aspect of the compliance program that you cannot or do not want to perform yourself can be provided by FedReady. This includes, but is not limited to, training employees and supervisors, developing company policies and required educational material, resolving issues with service agents, preparing annual reports, or acting on your behalf to resolve an issue with a government agency or a customer.

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