Drug and Alcohol Online Training

Effective training is an essential component of all drug and alcohol free workplace programs. Employers must assure that their employees and supervisors meet specific training requirements as specified in the applicable Federal Regulations such as 14 CFR part 120 for those covered by the FAA and 49 CFR Part 382.603 for those covered by the DOT/Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

We have a separate website dedicated to each of the three specific modes of transportation as listed below. Please review these websites for details of each course and technologies used to design and deliver them.

Aviation: click on FAA training

Space Flight: click on NASA training

Motor Carrier Industry: click on DOT/FMCSA training

These online drug and alcohol training services may be used by:

 Online Training Service

There are two ways to purchase these four online courses, either by credit card or subscription service as described below:

FAA Employee Drug and Alcohol Course
FAA Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Course
DOT/FMCSA Supervisor Alcohol Misuse and Controlled Substances Use Course
DOT/FMCSA Driver Alcohol Misuse and Controlled Substances Use Course

Credit Card Purchase
You can purchase any of these courses by credit card. On our Purchase Courses page, you can link to the appropriate training site and buy the number of courses you require. This method of purchase is generally used to meet a one-time training requirement for a specific number of personnel.

Subscription Service
This is a complete solution that is made available to your company to meet ongoing training requirements. Here’s how it works:

1. You provide basic information about your company and we set you up for ongoing access to the courses you want. There is no charge for the set-up and no minimum commitment is required.

2. We provide your company with very simple instructions to take a course at any time, now and in the future. Each person would just click on an Internet Link we provide and complete the login screen for that course. No preregistration is ever required – you use the courses whenever you need them, but they are always available.
3. An individual(s) at your company can receive a PDF Copy of each person’s course completion certificate when anyone at your company completes a course. Each individual also gets their own certificate.

4. You can also be granted access to our database to manage all your training records and print a copy of any certificates that are identified to be missing that are needed to support an inspection. These powerful reporting and recordkeeping tools are provided at no cost. If for example, you need a complete training roster for a specified time period that report can be prepared in less than one minute.

5. Once a month your company will be invoiced for the courses taken during the prior month. Payment is requested within 30 days. If no courses are taken there is no cost or invoice. There are no hidden charges for this training service.

6. Volume pricing and licensing agreements are available for training large numbers of people.

7. All courses are kept up to date at all times and there are U.S. - based professionals available to help with any training issue.

Customized Courses:
We will customize any of our courses to meet your specific requirements and policies. If you have a corporate learning portal and want these courses available through your portal, give us a call and we can discuss how to get this done.


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